Childers Meat Inc. is proud to offer Oregon Valley Natural Beef. ​

Oregon Valley Natural Beef is a product of Childers Meat Inc., a Family Owned and Operated company in Eugene, Oregon. OVN cattle are humanely and compassionately raised to uphold the “Natural Beef” standards of the USDA; no artificial flavors, colors, chemicals preservatives or any other added ingredients. OVN beef is minimally processed to maximize integrity of the product. OVN cattle maintain a vegetarian diet absent of animal by-products of any kind. Steaks and Primal Cuts consist only of USDA Choice Graded Beef and are then hand selected to provide the highest premium quality. The Ground Beef & Beef Patties feature grass fed cattle.  The grind is a unique blend of lean cuts from the whole animal creating unsurpassed flavor and consistency. Childers Meat ensures that Oregon Valley Natural beef meets only the highest standards of food safety. ​​